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We write copy that your clients and customers in Ghana will relate to and search engines love!

SEO Services in Ghana

Reach for the No. 1 spot on Google*

At Alexander Designs, not only do we write copy that sells, we also write copy that all search engines love! All websites built by Alexander Designs are optimised for search engines so that they should achieve good rankings in Google search, Bing, Yahoo and so on. SEO services that actually work!

Search Engine Optimization For Your Website

Top search engine rankings are game changers. When a company, particularly a small business, reaches the top of the search engine rankings , it changes everything. It boosts the company's reputation and brand, it increases its exposure and, most importantly, sales increase.

Each month there are tens of billions of searches performed on the internet. The internet itself is revolutionising the way that people do business. Right now, here in Ghana, usage of the internet has in recent years increased dramatically. People are using it to find products and services. The youth are truly embracing this technology. Social sites such as Facebook and Twitter increase in popularity everyday. The opportunities to move your business to the next level and become an industry leader are unparalleled.

With a top ranking in Google’s search results for your chosen keywords you will;

Move ahead of your competitors
Attract far more targeted traffic to your site
Increase sales and profits
Dramatically increase the value of your brand and potentially become an industry leader

The question is, ‘How do I get my company’s website to the top of the search engine rankings?’

Doing it ‘in-house’ will use up a lot of valuable company resources that could be put to better use elsewhere. Part of the problem is also that the various search engines are also constantly updating and tweaking their algorithms that calculate the ranking positions. Staying on top (or even getting there) is no mean feat.

That is where our SEO can help your business.

Alexander Designs will create an internet marketing plan for your website. The plan will focus on the key areas of building a solid foundation of a search optimized website , social marketing and link building . From there, the sky's the limit!

*Important Note: Please be aware that there are no guarantees of reaching the top Google positions. You should be wary of any SEO company that makes that kind of promise. Achieving good rankings is an organic process that can take 12 months or longer.

What you can be guaranteed is that if you become a client of Alexander Designs for our SEO services, we will work hard to help your website climb through the search engine rankings and help your business to grow.

SEO with keyword research and analysis can bring great rewards!

Case Study

Client: Isada Concrete Products

Alexander Designs built the website and provided SEO services for Isada Limited with particular attention on their main product, pre-stressed concrete beams (usually referred to as 'fast floor' in Ghana).

Searching on for related terms yields the following results:

fast floor - Isada's website is the 1st result
fast floor ghana - Isada's website is the 1st result
trasacco fast floor - Isada's website is the 1st result (ahead of Trasacco themselves)
prestressed beams ghana - Isada's website is 1st result
prestressed beams - Isada's website is 2nd (after Wikipedia)

This, in their own words, has made a massive difference to their business and has contributed to increased revenue and profits.

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