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Lost for words? Use Alexander Designs' Content Creation Services

Alexander Designs' Content Creation and Copywriting Services help to nail down the effectiveness of your business' inbound marketing strategy.

In business, when you communicate, you need to be direct and persuasive. When it comes to your company’s website and marketing literature, it is no different. At Alexander Designs, we effectively communicate the benefits of your products and services to your customers with words that help to sell. Simply put, the goal of advertising and copywriting is not to be liked, to entertain or to win awards. It is to sell products and services.

The written content you insert into your website, brochures and other marketing materials can make or break your business. Content that is out-of-date and unappealing can drive away your existing customers and fail to convert the valuable visitors to your website.

It is a bitter pill to swallow when you have worked hard and invested money on attracting highly targetted visitors to your website, only to lose them because of your website’s unappealing copy. Or, to invest heavily in a marketing campaign, only for it to fail because of poorly written, uninspiring material.

Our professional copywriting services will provide written content for your company’s website and promotional material that will not only capture the imagination of your customers and press the emotional triggers that will lead your company to increased sales, it will also provide you with imaginative copy that the search engines will love (and help to bring in highly targetted new customers).

Written For People & Search Engines

Strategy-Driven Content To Drive Your Business Forward

Some content must shine, for example, images and videos. However, in 2018 it is vital that the written website content has a clear and defined SEO strategy. It has to pull customers into your sales-funnel.

Google and the other search engines take their direction from a website's written content. It is the written content that can be crawled, indexed and ranked. In 2018 that content must be relevant and, ideally, original.

Written content must be researched so that it is aligned with what your customers are searching for on the various search engines. The more aligned with relevant searches, the more customers can be drawn into your sales funnel. [Although content creation and SEO is a numbers game, unqualified leads are unlikely to make it to the bottom of your sales funnel, so creating content for top-of-funnel strategies that are relevant to the right audience for your products and services is a better use of your effort.]

It is vital that written content be composed with just the right tone to trigger the desired emotional response and in a style that your customers can relate to so that prospects can continue to the next stage of your sales funnel.

We offer copywriting, and content creation services for the top of sales funnel blog posts, articles and so on, written to create brand awareness to bottom-of-funnel content focused on converting into sales.
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