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Our Blog To Discuss Web Design, Content Creation & SEO Issues That Relate To Ghana

With 15 years of building and designing websites, I've been doing this long enough to know that there is always something new to learn. I will share my understanding and ideas here.

This blog, for the most part, will avoid being technical and will instead focus on the local aspect of website design, SEO and content creation. That is to say, our viewpoint will be firmly from a Ghanaian business perspective.

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3rd August 2018

Optimising Your Website As A Sales Funnel Part 1

Company websites are created to help develop the business. In Ghana, it can be hard-work closing a deal. Consumers and clients are careful with their money and need much persuading. For products such as mobile phones, the desire is already there, and little work is required to close a deal. However, this is not the case for many other products […]
29th July 2018

Search Engine Optimization Services 101

Search Engine Optimization Services 101. Is Your Website At The Races? Use SEO Services to ensure that your company’s website can be found and give a boost to your sales SEO Services 101. Is Your Website At The Races? So you’ve got a nice-looking new website for your business here in Ghana, but what’s next? What is next is getting […]
22nd July 2018

Business Websites In Ghana

Business Websites In Ghana Many small and medium-sized enterprise owners in Ghana are not taking full advantage of the huge opportunity a well thought out, and co-ordinated internet presence represents. A business website combined with effective SEO and social media campaigns is an investment that is well worth making. ‘A-ha! You’re a web developer; you would say that wouldn’t you’, […]
17th July 2018

Web Design Ghana Optimised

Web Design Ghana Optimised If you own a business in Ghana and are wondering if it is time to update your website, or are considering investing in an online presence for the first time, you must ensure that you implement the following checklist so that your web design is Ghana optimised. What to consider when optimising web design for Ghana […]
17th July 2018

Does My Business Need A Website

Does my company need a business website? A website is an investment in your business just like any other. Too many small and medium-sized business owners in Ghana are reluctant to invest properly in creating an online presence. Many end up going for the ‘cheap’ option and end up with poorly designed websites that add no value to the company. […]
14th July 2018

8 Signs It Is Time To Update Your Website

8 Signs It Is Time To Update Your Website At Alexander Designs, we have recently updated our website with a complete overhaul. Indeed, an updated site can have a significant impact on business, and our reasons for updating were varied but how do you know if it is time for a website update? Is It Time To Update Your Website? […]
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